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What You'll Discover

in this

Free Email Marketing Series


How to Start from Scratch, no matter your techie skills

Most Email platforms are scary and expensive. We start with a simple manual process.


Scaling your email marketing.

We look at a free platform that scales your efforts to any level you want.


Learn how to write like a copywriter

We introduce free tools to draft powerful emails, and to create great Subject lines to get your emails opened.


How to automate your emails

We look at free tools to automate emails - the right email to the right person at the the right time.

Marketing has never been easier

An email course is the easiest way I know to learn useful skills without distracting you from the work of each day.

Enjoy this simple, powerful upskilling series delivered daily. A few focused minutes each day over a 20 day period will inspire you to revolutionise your current marketing habits and get more sales more than you think possible.

Peter Carruthers

- Peter Carruthers

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