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Perfect guide

What a great series this has become Peter.

Thank you – please keep it up.

Greatly appreciated.

Grant Ashfield


"This was inspirational. Highly recommended.

Rick Raubenheimer

What You'll Learn in This Free Email Selling Salts Series


The key that opens 90% more Succesful Sales

It does not matter how good your business is. What matters is your prospect's perception of how good you are.


Building a Simple Sales Routine

Setting sales targets is actually counterproductive. Find out what targets really matter to improves sales and to improve your confidence.


Each Sale faces TWO formidable competitors

We think we're competiting with other suppliers, but most sales are lost to competitors we cannot see. Find out how to deal with these.


Instantly Identify Your Best Prospects

Start fast by a laser focus on your best prospects. These folk want to talk to you about their challenges and how you can solve them.

Selling has never been easier

This is the easiest way I know to learn useful skills without distracting you from the work of each day.

Invest a few focused minutes each day over a 20 day period to enhance your current sellig habits and close more sales than you can imagine.

Peter Carruthers

- Peter Carruthers

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