60% of Small Businesses Close Within Six Months of Getting Hacked

Do you really want to risk this every single day?

Employees Cause 95% of Data Breaches

Over 95% of all data breaches are due to human error. That's you or me or our teams something wrong, or making silly mistakes.

This leads to an obvious conclusion: The single most important step we can take is to train our staff to recognise what can go wrong.

Employees at every level must learn that privacy protection isn't just an IT issue. It's something that affects them personally. Each of us is directly responsible.

All of this is supported by the 2023 The State of Email Security Report(SOES) data. This shows that attacks which quickly spread from one infected employee to others are close to all-time highs.

Eight out of 10 (80%) of the companies surveyed experienced attacks of this sort.

When asked what mistakes employees make that contribute to the spread:

  • 80% poor password hygiene
  • 78% misuse of personal email
  • 77% oversharing of info on social media
  • 75% careless or inappropriate use of smartphones
  • 75% careless or inappropriate use of collaboration tools

60% Of Small Companies Close Within 6 Months Of Being Hacked

CyberCrime magazine reports this startling figure from the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The reason is simple: small and midsize businesses are not just targets of cybercrime. We are its principal target.

We are the easiest to attack because we don't have resources to train our staff. Or we cannot afford the training.

This leaves our staff vulnerable to making mistakes. Each such mistake leads to more than half of us small businesses closing.

That's a frantically expensive result for any business owner.

The POPI Act makes it your responsibility to train your team in privacy awareness issues.

This training is crucial for every new staff member. Especially new team members.

Sign them up at the bottom of this page and save 70%. It's infinitely cheaper than closure.

50% employees: Certain They've Made a Security Risk Mistake

According to the study, nearly 50% of the employees stated that they are “very” or “pretty” certain they have made an error at work that could have led to security issues to their company.

The study goes into detail about the differences between young and older employees, where younger users will more easily admit to mistakes and are also easier to phish.

What the Protection of Personal Privacy Demands from Employers

Data Privacy Awareness training is critical to helping employees survive the myriad security and privacy challenges they face.

Your employees are focused on the job you hired them to do and when faced with to-do lists, distractions, and pressure to get things done quickly, cognitive loads become overwhelming and mistakes can happen.

Stepping users through security awareness training is a must that you simply cannot afford to neglect.

Phishing attackers pose as people or organizations you trust to easily deceive you. Criminals of this nature try to coax you into handing over access to sensitive data or provide the data itself.

Brute force attacks work through all the possibilities for your password until they guess correctly. These attacks take some time but have become rapid as computer speeds continue to improve.

Hackers even hijack other devices like yours via malware infections to speed up the process. If your password is weak, it might only take a few seconds to crack it.


Your device’s operating system, software, hardware, or the network and servers you’re connected to can have security flaws.

These gaps in protection are sought out by criminals as the perfect place to shove malware into.

Spyware specifically is ideal for stealing private data while being completely undetected. You might not find this infection until it’s too late.

Don't Believe Us, Believe Employees

Apart from the nightmaring eye openers, this has been extremely insightful and helpful. Cannot thank you enough for taking the time to explain this so everyone is able to understand. I also like the lifetime access situation so I can revert back at any point. Thank you.

Caralyne M

Thank you very much for all this information. I will confess that am one of those people who didn't think a lot about things like these. A real eye opener, and scary to realise how ignorant I have been.

Sarah L

A great learning experience, never knew exactly how breaches happen and checking on that site, I saw that 2 accounts although not ones I often use, had been breached

Claudio D

Very informative and concise, especially considering the vastness of the POPIA documentation. I didn't expect much but was pleasantly surprised by the delivery of information. I really learned quite a lot, which will benefit my company but also implement these things in my daily life.

Anrich L

Absolutely brilliant! To translate a 130 odd pages of legal geek speak into practical, easy to understand and most importantly actionable steps to be in line with POPIA, is indeed brilliant. Thank you so much Peter.

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Thank you for the amazing course Peter. Awesome informative training and a lot of information, very helpful indeed.

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